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NEC XN120 has the features that give you real business benefits. For instance, if you're on one call and need to answer another, just press one button to put the original call On Hold and take the new one.

Dialling out is made easy too with features like Abbreviated Dialling and Last 10-number Redial saving you time on the most important calls. Or using CTI (Computer Telephony) use your mouse for point and click dialling from your PC.

Call Centre features give you ‘large corporate” benefits at an SME price. XN120 can distribute calls evenly to assigned staff or in a priority order. If one group member is busy, the call forwards to the next group member. If staff are busy you can queue callers and play holding messages.

To make sure customers and suppliers receive the attention they deserve, XN120 also uses Calling Number Display, which can identify a caller’s name and telephone number. So you can answer with a personal greeting.

XN120's eight port Integrated Digital Voicemail has up to 15 hours of message time, and a host of flexible options such as pressing one button to use Conversation Record to store conversations in your mailbox.

Message Centre buttons allow two people sharing the same phone to have their own message waiting indicator. Each person can see if he/she has any new messages.

XN120 integrates with your other most important productivity aid. Your PC. Using Microsoft TAPI you can easily connect your phone to your MS Outlook Contact Manager application allowing point and click dialling and be able to pop up your callers contact details before you answer the call.

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