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ISDN2e & ISDN30e Lines

A basic rate ISDN line provides two 'channels', each of which can be used for separate calls, thus equivalent to having two regular lines.

Each of these channels provides bandwidth (i.e. data transfer speed) of 64Kbps full duplex (i.e. both directions simultaneously - upload and download).

An ISDN data connection is always a fixed reliable. You can also combine both 64Kbps channels into a single call to get twice the speed.

As well as being used for data, an ISDN line can call carry voice calls. Whereas on an analogue line digital data has to be turned into an analogue signal, on a digital line, analogue voices have to be converted to digital signals. Many ISDN terminal adaptors provide 'analogue sockets' into which you can connect regular telephones (or fax machines, anserphones etc).

You can of course have more than one ISDN line. Commonly, you might have multiple ISDN lines (two channels each) feeding a PBX (switchboard). In those cases, you might want to have your phone number (or numbers) deliverable across ANY of the lines, rather than tied to just one line and this requires DDI's.

What is the difference between ISDN2e and ISDN30?

The functionality of ISDN2e and ISDN30 is very similar. ISDN2e is supplied in multiples of two lines. You can expand further in multiples of two, but each expansion requires an enineers visit and system programming. If you require 6 lines or less on your telephone system and it is likely that this figure will not increase, then ISDN2e is usually adequate. For larger organisations, the correct solution is ISDN30. ISDN30 is delivered as ‘a site connection', you merely specify how many lines you want (eight is the minimum).

Basic Costings: -

ISDN2e (Per circuit) - £299.00 + VAT

Monthly Rental - £12.50 + VAT per Channel

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